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Payment Method

Payment Method

  • Online banking transfer or bank in via ATM machine
  • COD (Cash on delivery)
  • Paypal (Debit or Credit Card)

Online banking transfer or bank in via ATM machine ⇩

Please pay the exact amount of fees as shown in the bill. Bank in via ATM machine or online banking transfer to any of the below bank account:




Kindly notify us after payment via (018-7877911) SMS / Wechat / Whatsapp / Facebook / Online customer support within 48 hours.

Buyer name:

Payment bank:

Payment Total Amount:

(For those who paying thru ATM machine, the balance will be send out together with your parcel.)

COD (Cash on delivery) 

Only available within Malaysia, parcel can be send to home or office. There are two types of paymment method:

  • COD - Cash payment  ***Service not available in Perlis
  • CCOD- Credit card payment   ***Only to a specific area & Service not available in Perlis
You can coverage check through home postcode too, Please click ME

Paypal (Debit or Credit Card)