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PEINEILI Men Delay Spray 2nd Edition (15ml)

PEINEILI Men Delay Spray 2nd Edition (15ml)
Powerful New PEINEILI male sex delay spray, men delay cream 60 minutes long, prevent premature ejaculation,sex penis enlargement
PEINEILI male Delay spray 60 minutes long delay ejaculation Penis Enlargement 15ml sex products
a field delay spray revolutionary technology, engulfing!
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Regiestered product not numb, does not affect the pleasant sensation
Capacity: 15ML
Productin date: see the bottom of box. Our stocks are all new batch. Produced within 3 months.
Shelf Life: 2 years
Pacakge include: 1 bottle
Usage: Spray the glans and penis 30 minutes before sex.
Warning: Don\'t spay the urethral opening/ urethral orifice.
Clean: Wash with warm water. It is water soluable.